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            Services  and Equipment

Rick's Stunt Car Service offers both shop and mobile services. We have
the nation's largest inventory of stunt car parts, special rigs, ramps
and stunt car safety equipment for sales, rentals and installations. Our
shop services include electronic diagnostics, welding, fabricating,
reinforcing and repairs.

Rick's Stunt Car Service also provides the industry's most extensive and
thorough stunt vehicle safety and operational inspections.

** Prep & Modifications For All Vehicle Stunts **

** Roll Cages, Fuel Cells **

** Crash & Jump Seats **

** Belts & Harnesses **

** Suspension Vests & Harnesses **

** Chassis Reinforcing **

** Jump Suspensions **

** Brake & E-Brake Reinforcing **

** Auxillary 4-Piston "E" Calipers **

** The Skidmaker **

** Single & Double Pipe Ramps For Cars and Trucks **

** Wheel Ramps **

** Collapsing Kickers **

** Jump Ramps & Specs **

** Radar Equipment **

** Remote Control Systems **

** Motorola Walkie-Talkies **

** Test Track **

Call (818) 341-9526 or Joni's Answering Service at (818) 886-8687.

Rick's Stunt Car Service works in direct association with the Stuntmen's
Association of Motion Pictures and the Motion Picture Stunt Driving
Clinic. web address: rickseamanstuntdrivingschool.com

All of our vehicle technicians are experienced S.A.G. stunt drivers.

Services and Equipment
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